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Fishing The River Frome

Coarse: 16 October to 14 March
Salmon: 1 February to 31 August
Sea Trout: 15 April to 31 October
Brown Trout: 1 April to 15 October
Environment Agency Rod Licence required.

Accommodation and fishing in Dorset. Our fishing consists of approximately 1000m single bank stretch of the main River Frome and 750m double bank on the North Stream, a smaller carrier. Fishing on the carrier can be challenging but offers some good fishing.

For the game fisherman, wild brown trout are the main quarry. The brownies are stunning looking fish.

For the coarse fisherman, the river is renown for its grayling population with the British record currently held on the Frome.

This venue is stunning, not only for the fishing on offer but for the beautiful surroundings, birds and wildlife. The River Frome is a designated SSSI protected for its rare species and important habitat.